Portland, Oregon | 4k Virtual Tour | Summer 2021

A virtual tour of Portland, Oregon on a E scooter during Labor Day 2021. Point of View. POV. Starting by Willamette River and Tom McCall waterfront park. Then going to Justice Center, Pioneer Place and Portland State University.

Portland, Oregon I Floating World Comics

Interview with Jason Leivian, owner of Floating World Comics. We discuss titles published by Floating World Comics, alternative comics, genre comics and graphic novels. Visit FWC at floatingworldcomics.com. For more interviews and reviews, visit comicsgrinder.com

Keeper Coffee in Portland Oregon

A visit to Keeper Coffee in Portland.

Portland Oregon Snow 2021

I’ll state up front, I don’t like snow. Thank Goodness Portland Oregon doesn’t see much snow. We usually get about a 1/4 of an inch a year and it’s a huge deal. Everything stops – except for the people that shouldn’t be driving in it!! We’re getting a good full-on weekend of ice and snow,… Continue reading Portland Oregon Snow 2021

Travel With Kids – Portland, Oregon

Our family spent a few days in Portland. These are the highlights. Visit The Blogs Below For More 😊 !!!!! BLOG: BLOG: Make sure to follow our other social media accounts for more and subscribe to Aiden for more kid related travels and other fun kid stuff !! IG: IG: Twitter: Twitter: FB: FB:

ОС #187 / Портленд, штат Орегон, США / Portland, Oregon, USA

Видео о городе Портленд, штат Орегон, городе парков и мостов, красивом и уютном городе запада США Меня зовут Дмитрий, я музыкант и путешественик. На этом канале я делюсь своими впечатлениями об Этом Мире. 🎸Онлайн и очные уроки по бас гитаре (zoom, skype) 🎛 Уроки по Ableton Live (zoom) 🎙 Запись бас гитары в ваши треки… Continue reading ОС #187 / Портленд, штат Орегон, США / Portland, Oregon, USA

Moving To Newport Oregon vs Portland Oregon

Moving To Newport Oregon vs Portland Oregon. In this video, we dive into what the differences are in looking at relocating to Newport on the Oregon coast versus Portland located only a couple hours to the northeast. We spoke with Steve Buzby about what led him down the path that ultimately resulted in him deciding… Continue reading Moving To Newport Oregon vs Portland Oregon

Food, Beer and Fun in PORTLAND, Oregon | Pacific Northwest Travel Vlog

Portland is known for many things. High on that list are food, beer, coffee and doughnuts! Join us on a delicious tour of some of our favorite consumables in this jewel of the Pacific Northwest. Also featuring a hike in Forest Park, and Glowing Greens mini golf. tinshedgardencafe.com portland.gov/parks/forest-park facebook.com/PiedmontStationFoodCarts tovcoffee.com glowinggreens.com hairofthedog.com rusebrewing.com pipsoriginal.com… Continue reading Food, Beer and Fun in PORTLAND, Oregon | Pacific Northwest Travel Vlog

PIPS Original DOUGHNUTS Travel: Portland, Oregon Tour

Pip’s Original Mini Doughnuts Portland, Oregon This hip, casual coffee cafe specializes in fried-to-order mini-donuts, chai & espresso drinks.At Pip’s Original in Portland, you’ll find good old fashioned deep fried mini doughnuts. Creations range from simple sugar and cinnamon doughnuts to more elaborate creations like doughnuts covered in Nutella, Raw Honey, cinnamon and sea salt.… Continue reading PIPS Original DOUGHNUTS Travel: Portland, Oregon Tour


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