Talking With Homeless People In Portland, Oregon



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  1. homeless= mentally ill, drug and alcoholics, sex offenders, meth heads, etc, criminals, etc,…not everyday people out there….kick them out, put them in jail or mental institutions

  2. My sister lives in tigard and will not go into portland I'm planning on coming home but are moving to eastern oregon

  3. Homeless people should come to California. Great weather, no rain, and you get a lot better benefits in CA. San Francisco, Los Angeles County, Orange County, they are all great for homeless.

  4. Corporate Property Management this has caused a big increase in the homeless problem you have to have a credit score of around 675 you have to have verification of EVERYTHING! Background check, they want $ 1.600 a month for a two bedroom add deposits and all the fees they tack on your looking at about Four Grand ! and that is in Salem Or

  5. Mahalo Nui Loa Nick Alfieri for bringing attention to the homeless veteran's population in Portland Oregon. More needs to be done for those who have Served in the Armed Forces of America.

  6. Beautiful Portland home of America's most famous homeless, homeless around the world head to beautiful Portland

  7. I know that man is homeless, but traveling is worth more than a masters degree in any field besides STEM so I agree with his advice.

  8. The way things are going these unprecedented times, it could happen to any one of us. Life can turn on a dime.

  9. Only in America do we throw old people, the disabled and the indigent into the streets. You can thank politicians and poverty pimps.

  10. Hey dude I just found this video looking online about homelessness in Portland. I just realized that I know you sort of, I've worked at SAC forever and we've talked plenty of times over the years. I love the message of the video and your willingness to give people a voice, and a cool surprise to see that I know the person in the video.

  11. I talk with the homeless folks down at the fountain at the end of Salmon St, most are pretty cool, though its true, many want to live this lifestyle, lots of different reason as to why they are there but yes, alot of us, especially now, are closer to this than most realize

  12. We are all just a couple of bad decisions away from living on the street. That our government can only 'Study the Problem' is something to get angry about. The solution is simple, put them in an apartment… is actually cheaper than providing services to those living on the street, as the state of Utah has found out, and acted on.
    -Veteran '66-68

  13. Go to a liberal state and you see nothing but homeless people and the ones making it are dealing with depression and anxiety to make ends meet
    Go to a republican state and you can buy a house for 90 grand

  14. its the same in Germany: people living in the street because they do not want to be pushed around in social institutions…some even have appartments but they prefer the street due to mental problems (sick or drugs) etc….even in winters they sometimes prefer the street – and many come from other countries because they get food by mobile services and have washing possibilities….

  15. Some of those proclaimed vets aren't vets, at least 2 of them.. a group of vets and I verified them because there are resources available to help those who are vets.

  16. Most homeless in the usa and around the world are drug addicts mental health issue or poor/abandoned by family or lost em. Kinda sad when you think about it but they happier then I'd be. I bust my ass for a shitty little trailer. Better then nothing. Count us blessings

  17. do 4 or 5 long rows of christmas trees and i think darrel has the tech on my kitchen window thats why he wanted those two huge dead dennis dries trees in front of your moms. make christmas tree money dude block parasites view with a cow sanctuary in the middle

  18. designate an area for the homeless encampments with plenty of police presence and portapotties and places to get water and do a two week wash the area so the filth doesn't build up too much and make illegal to camp anywhere else. I dunno what the answer is I know many people became homeless during the last financial crisis and stayed that way and the cost of housing has put many on the street but this is the too much money chasing too few of resources scenario. The era of vulture has begun

  19. As a Portland native, the homelessness is out of control. I was not at all surprised that only one of the gentleman interviewed were actually from here. Democratic laws have encouraged the homeless nationwide to flock here. From allowing camping everywhere to the decriminalization of Meth and Heroin…it was inevitable. The city has run out businesses and Oregonians from even going into Portland. It is unsafe and the new Detroit. There will be a large increase of situational homelessness as soon as they lift the rent moratoriums. Estimated 40,000 evictions will follow. Sad any way you look at it. People want to help, but they are facing the same fate here soon.

  20. We have more cheap housing than anywhere else in the world. Just look at all the jails and prison's we have. Also more slaves as everyone working for min wage is a slave to the rich. Now I am sure they can rent a nice apt for about $1200 in Portland. I am sure they are making about $12.00 per hour and getting around 29.5 hours a week. I bet that would be about $1, 160 a month take home after they pay the rich their share of taxes. That the rich do NOT have to pay.

    I would bet all the people making the bad comments here, that they would be on drugs if they had to live in conditions these people live in.

    After all its the land of the free and the brave. The free are the rich the brave are the working class who are ruled by the slaver owners.

    Now there is talk about reparations to the black Americans for Slavery. Well they had better include one hell of a lot more than just the black.

  21. the deleware dude i had in my uber one night racing him into downtown to help the police fight the violence with the bible ,evidently theres money to be made doing that ,he was a trippy guy but harmless only trying to spread gods word

  22. Take care of the American people first, our vets, the sick, the homeless-not the illegals crossing the border. Why is that such a hard concept?

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