The BEST Pizza in Portland, Oregon: 3 Must Try Restaurants!

FULL BLOG POST on the 35 best pizza spots in Portland here:

Sharing some of the best pizza in Portland, Oregon with you as we take you to three different Portland restaurants with completely different styles of pizza!



  1. Portland is not the friendliest place to visit any more and I heard Kurt Russell is starring in a new movie called "Escape from Portland".

  2. I’ve lived in Portland for 30 years.. before Portland had good pizza. I know it’s a matter of taste to the one eating the pizza…but none of these places even make my top 30.

  3. No. Just no. Moved here from philly in '92 and Portland is the WORST pizza city on Earth. Pizza jerk? They char pizza black in a gas oven- terrible! Lovely with whole wheat thick crust?- f u! And undercooked pie from Vancouver? Potatoes? What in the corn hole are you talking about? Look, im hating because you deserve it. You may have good taste buds, but this video is a fucking joke, as is your pizza palate.

  4. I think your friend is into the hipster culture she literally left out the two best pizza places in Portland, oven & shaker and apizza scholls

  5. I live in Portland but I’m from the east coast. The pizza here is trash, there is maybe 2 places you can get decent pizza. Portland is not known for its pizza lol

  6. Your whistling scene switching music is annoying… I had to turn your video off because it loud and obnoxious, seems like you had good content but I cannot get over that shit sorry…

  7. Your a pizza clown. You don't know what your talking about. The best pizza in Portland is direct from New York on 3330 se Belmont St. Just get a slice of cheese pizza. That tells if its good. All the places you say are good add all this crap to cover up how bad they are. They do not make real pizza. Get a clue.

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