The Best Record Stores in Portland, Oregon: Cross Country Cratedigging

Welcome to Cross Country Cratedigging: a series where I will be traveling all around the globe to showcase the best record stores this world has to offer, as well as the awesome vinyl I find while digging at them.

This first part is tackling a few stores in Portland, and in this video we hit up:

-Everyday Music (Burnside)

-2nd Ave Records

-Final Form


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  1. My favorite here is Music Millennium. I always find waaay too many vinyl & atleast 1 new album cover magnet. Although Ive only been to 5 so far.
    I'm hoping Arizona has some amazing record stores cuz I'm visiting my dad there soon.

  2. If you ever get the chance to stop in Wisconsin. They have many record stores scattered all over the state. The two that come to mind to stop at is The Exclusive Company and Deaf Ear Records. Exclusive Company scattered all over Wisconsin it's the oldest Independent Record store in Wisconsin and open up in 1956. Deaf Ear Records has been around since the seventies. Both great place to stop by if you ever take a trip to Wisconsin.

  3. Great video, Matt! Loved seeing some Oregonian gems! I feel like the CA Bay Area could be a great series (maybe even two part series) for the channel. Would love to dig with ya the next time you find yourself in Northern California.

  4. Portland shops to check out:

    1. Landfill Rescue Unit (on SE Belmont)
    2. Tomorrow Records (on SE Hawthorne)
    3. Jackpot Records (on SE Hawthorne)

    These shops are in the same part of town and only minutes from each other. They're also small (like Final Form & 2nd Ave.) and have lots of used/out-of-print vinyl.

    Next up for you should be a weekend trip to Seattle. Good vinyl shops up there, too — they're just more spread out.

    Easy Street
    Silver Platters
    Everyday Music (yep…they're up there, too)
    And so much more!

  5. Honestly, I'm shocked you didn't mention Portland's best and one of their oldest music stores… music millennium. I've been to those other stores you mentioned, but think music millennium is the best. I just like their vibe.

  6. Awesome video! Thanks for giving me my first look (virtual though it is) at EM's downtown location since they had to compact their two spaces into one. Good to see the store's still packed – can't wait to get back there and to Powell's! I was just up in PDX a couple weeks ago myself and strafed EM Sandy and MM, though I was more in a CD mode. You need to pop down to Eugene and check out House of Records soon if you haven't yet. And maybe one of these days I'll run into you while record hunting!

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