The ONE Motorcycle Show, Portland Oregon, 2020

Here are a few shots of the ONE Motorcycle Show here in Portland Oregon this past weekend (Feb 7-9, 2020).

Here’s a playlist of videos from prior years. It’s interesting to see how The ONE Show has changed over the past few years, especially given its humble beginnings.

Please understand that I tend to focus my attention on the classic and vintage-style bike genre that I love, but much respect to all the builders!

It was very different this year. It was held at Portland’s Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, a significantly bigger and more commercial venue than in past years.

One Moto Website:
One Moto Facebook page:

At 3:28, that’s a print of a painting of my Vincent Rapide by local artist Ted Gadecki. We have such talent in our little @onenorton club! See more of Ted’s work at

Here’s a link to a playlist of the restoration of the Rapide:

I thoroughly recommend going to The ONE Show if you get the opportunity in the future!

Many thanks to all the organizers for a great ONE Show!

Music by Youtube:
+ Flow (Sting)
+ Dusty Fingers