The ONE Motorcycle Show, Portland Oregon, 2022 – the bikes!

The ONE Motorcycle Show, Portland Oregon, 2022

Tried to capture a video clip or two of every bike at this year’s ONE Motorcycle Show here in Portland. It’s a long video as there were so many bikes.

If you would like to send me the timestamp and bike details in the comments, I would be happy to add in the description below.

Here’s a playlist of videos from prior years:

Please understand that I tend to focus my attention on the classic and vintage-style bike genre that I love, but much respect to all the builders!

The venue was again at the amazing in the Zidell Barge building in South Portland. The ONE team was really great and very well organized. It felt really safe, spacious and so great to visit again

One Moto Website:
One Moto Instagram:

Thoroughly recommend going to The ONE Show if you get the opportunity in the future!

Many thanks to all the organizers for a great ONE Show!

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  1. Jeez and wow 😮! Way too many bikes for only one viewing. Great job Mike. Thanks for taking us with you to the ONE event. They’re a lot of bikes to “See See”, as you have already seen seen. See ya ✌🏼

  2. Interesting show – everything from the beautiful to the bizarre. I am surprised by the amount of choppers – been there, done/rode that – it felt like "flashback to 1973". Most interesting is what they are doing to Honda Cub/Passports – I like those a lot! First bike was a Cub 50, and kept many through the years for the shear fun they provide. Some of the bikes were off the charts crazy design; and so many timeless designs as well. Very enjoyable video.

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  4. Great video. Thanks very much. I think it would be interesting if they banned the use of grinders and then see what folks can "build" once they get past cutting the rear ends off near everything they can get their hands on…

  5. Hi Mike, Great show, I see you saved the best bikes 'till last. Check out on youtube – Euan Bentley – he was at the Kempton Park classic bike shown the 9th May. Starts with a row of Nortons, one your colour, loads of Velos, Sunbeams, Bantams and a Triumph X75 at 12.07. Euan also goes to bike nights at the local pubs round Surrey area, average turn out 80 bikes. All the best from the UK.

  6. I've often wondered why all motorcycles don't have that reversed head like that one Triumph. Would seem to make more sense with the air being forced right into the carbs and the exhaust being pushed right out the back.

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