1. I bet those punks made those girls eat their bowel movements… Notice no one talked about what they ate for those days locked up!

  2. Sickos. With depraved minds like theirs, there are likely many more victims, over the years they were fugitives. 18yrs is not justice.

  3. Looks like they held her down and gave her a sweet tattoo too, it is Portland Oregon though all people from there are the weirdest on the planet

  4. I guarantee you that if you had bounty hunters after them, they would have been found before the end of the year.

  5. How sad they never believed the first victim!! Police should believe every single person regardless of their past!

  6. God bless the black cop who didn’t give up. And god be with these woman 🤍 these unknown woman might not want to be identified, they may not be alive… they may have been drugged in those photos… but I hope and pray these bastards get what they deserve 💯🔥

  7. Terrifying stories. Just one thing; half of time this documentaries are they repeating the same thing over again jeez

  8. Wow…Andrea is amazing individual! It takes a lot of guts to flee a situation like that, the consequence of getting caught could have been horrendous.

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