The Skid Row of Portland, Oregon | Crazy Winter Scene

Walking around the downtown area of Portland, Oregon after a big snowstorm, where homeless people are living in tents on the sidewalk.
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  1. This entire mess is mayor Ted Wheelers fault but unfortunately for the citizens of Portland he won’t take responsibility for it get him out of office and put someone in the mayors office that will

  2. And Gabriel to your point…..your are not sitting around on your ASS doing NOTHING !!! You are doing YOUR thing without Government assistance, hurting no one and giving enjoyment to many. Those in their tents do nothing . And the alternative for them is unthinkable…a job.

  3. It is not a SAD situation it is a Liberal Progressive Situation. See Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York, ETC !!

  4. Mr. Traveler
    That was a nice vlog, Please when you are finished copy it on a thumb drive and send it into the historical society. Make sure there is a date on it. Then future generations will learn from your hard work

  5. Horrific . Whats changed is the people who were trusted to run the country let everybody down. Greed is a cancer. You Sir are an amazing brave man who brings great joy to your viewers. You are a great American in my opinion.

  6. This situation, without regard for COVID, was decades in the making. Yes, I said making, it is the direct result of progressive Democrat administration.
    Life requires choices, and they all have consequences.

  7. Why did you go to 6th and Taylor to the old greyhound bus station that was closed when you were closer to Amtrak to catch a bus and it was open. Makes no sense to me!

  8. This is wild. I used to live in Portland 10 years ago and worked at 6th & Glisan, not far from the train station shown here. That part of town wasn't safe back then. But it looks much worse now with tents everywhere! And it seems like the entire city looks like what used to be contained around the train station and Chinatown.

    Luckily, since you lived there, you probably knew not to keep walking towards Burnside bridge. I could only imagine how bad it is…

  9. Here at #25 rank on GDP world list with almost 70millions people. We don't have this kind of tent town in any province. The US is pretty strange place. o_O

  10. The greyhound station has been closed down for almost 3 years now. Because of the major decline of the amount of people using the greyhound to travel these days as in past 6 or 7 years ago to declining in amount of money spent each year to now they figure that the few people who are using this form of slow overpriced and very uncomfortable travel style is not worth paying for the property taxes and lease amount to lose money and not make money. Now they run of 3 to 4 people per a shift. 1 to 2 people in the mini box office open now only for ticket purchases and travel information. Its now only open for 8 to 12 hours a day. Opening around 7 to 8 pm and closing between 6 and 10 each day depending on the amount of travelers using greyhound service that day. Then the rest of ticket purchases will have to happen from online sales off either tablet, phone or computer sales. And nowhere to rest and wait for bus layovers, bus transfers, or new arrivals waiting for bus to pick up. And one person who loads and unloads your belongings from or onto your bus or does luggage switchovers from bus to bus during transfers from bus to bus, and one to be security for passengers and greyhound personnel and drivers. The station recently just opened last month for a temporary do good shelter for covid and for help getting clients who stay there into housing programs that eventually will have the active clients into permanent housing to eventuallyput an end to most of homeless community crises except for the few with the most severe mental illnesses or severe drug addicts who cant or won't live with any rules even when they don't have any kind of rules about drug users using. They will only suggest that you get help once you get sick and tired enough to be sick and tired of the misery of your severe drug abuse and the every day groundhogs day feelings of nothing changing each day and nothing ever getting better in your life.

  11. The number of bleeding-heart socialist Portlanders commenting on this video proves things will only deteriorate. How about opening your eyes and getting as pissed about the Democrat leadership responsible for this as non-Leftists from Portland are?

  12. You are walking in an incredibly fucked up spot. I know because I happened to live there in a $2000 a month condo 15 years ago. It looks like you’re cruising around Broadway to Burnside and looping back through Chinatown. I’m a 6’5” man who carries, and I wouldn’t be caught dead there at night. 😂

  13. I live in Portland . Free food, decriminalized drugs, free health care , petty theft allowed, and the weather usually is pretty moderate . That’s why homeless end up here

  14. Fun fact sid row is ten times worst this doesn't compare, and this is only downtown not all of portland looks like this.

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