1. I'm surprised that Portland, Oregon is still standing despite what's happening there irl and with established lore. LA suffered with riots during the outbreak because of "Police Brutality". I would think the same would be true for Portland. Then u have the fact that Operation: Cobalt either leveled or napalmed the crap out of every urban center in the country. Or as depicted in FTWD, the entire Western Seaboard.

  2. Who called it? Me! Also you’re telling me that CRM owns the west coast?! Also also the question marks could be other factions maybe or places of the country that haven’t been explored yet.

  3. Remember when the governor was still a thing and the gang was still at the prison? Simple times, not necessarily better as I enjoyed the savior arc wayyy more purely because of Negan but just saying lol.

  4. FUNNY NOTE I was stationed at Offutt AFB right next to Omaha in Bellevue, Ne…. "Nebraska State" University doesn't exist, but the University of Nebraska at Omaha does (pics look like the outside of the main admin building), problem is the school is in the center of a metro of 1 million people…. they probably just placed it outside the city for the show…. also notice the Commonwealth and the Texas pioneer colonies are not on the map….. wonder if they were wiped out by the CRM

  5. honestly didn't think of Oregon at all. I thought the first city the one Rick went to was Philadelphia. Then the other is New York, while the third one by my guess was on the east coast. But it would be hard to believe that the three circles that are the communities are so close to Alexandria. The CRM has to know about Alexandria at this point. Since at least one of their communities are pretty damn close.

  6. My question is why is the a border lines drawn between Canada and Mex? Borders a lines drawn on a map by governments. Doesn’t seem there is enough of a government left in any country to enforce them. Do you think it’s just the way it was and she was thought? If it’s the daughter drawing that, she would have no knowledge of a border. Do you think?

  7. I'm so burned out, so y'all help an old guy out and remind me about the 27th. Y'all know you're getting excited to the Max. Man! I'm going nuts waiting on this. Thanks James for all the dead stuff you been putting out. 😊👍

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