The Worst Reviewed Motel in Portland Oregon

I took a trip to Portland Oregon and stayed at the sketchiest 1 star motel in the city.

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  1. @ 7:12 I noticed the swastika…… Is this a real picture of the night window 25????? *I feel retarded now because right after I wrote this I unpaused the video and it zooms in on the swastika lmao. Dude tell me that's not a real photo.

  2. We got some hotels like this in Australia, once stayed in a hotel in Penrith. When we walked into the room it smelt like something died, there was stains on the wall and sheets (the stains on the wall looked like shit or blood.) I ended up sleeping on the bed with my girlfriend at the time and we both woke up covered in welts, turns out their was also mites in the room.

  3. How does a place like this stay open? Id lure the crackhead cleaning lady and steal her shoes and throw them on the roof. Maybe break some windows. What a shithole.

  4. Based video I stayed at some sketchy hotels myself in socal, only the grace of God kept me out of trouble, There are some demonic activities that take place in these hotels

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