Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Portland, Oregon

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT to move to Portland, Oregon and the worst things you should know before moving to Vancouver Washington

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What’s it like living in Portland Oregon? Well, for starters, it’s not Portland Maine, but it is one of the best cities to live in America for 2020! The City of Roses and it’s surrounding Oregon towns (Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Lake Oswego and Tigard) is actually one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country with a lot of people moving here from California and Seattle. If it’s the largest city in Oregon and people love living here, then why shouldn’t you relocate to Rip City?

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  1. As promised, here's Portland! Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend 🙂 Can we hit 1000 LIKES to do LA? *In all honesty, Portland is an amazing and fun city, and I always love visiting.

    What city do YOU want me to make a video about NEXT?!

  2. It’s dirty, filled with bums, and most every citizen is a anti-American liberal piece of trash.

  3. If Portland was a beautiful city that attracted wholesome families to go live in, it's no longer that. Now it's Los Angeles 2.0. With all the horrible Californian post-modern trends that make something that used to resemble a town/city uninhabitable and overpopulated. It's like witnessing a beautiful forest transformed into a festering puss-dripping ulcer. Portland only has beautiful 20th century architecture in it's residential neighborhoods because Western people's made it so. Portland only has hospitals and schools because Western people's made it so. But now in 2021, Portland is almost entirely filled with those who do not appreciate Western civilization's contributions. Almost to the degree where they openly celebrate the usurped host culture as it's overrun and defiled by the gang-culture and pop-culture bullcrap sent here by California's bottomless pit of desecration.

  4. It’s sunny a lot in Portland, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, we even get some sun in the winter, but yeah your right it actually doesn’t rain that much

  5. I grew up in Portland and lived there for over 30 years and there were homeless people there even back in the ‘60s, so it’s not just the housing prices that have caused that. It’s the moderate temperatures that draw people there. If you’re homeless, wouldn’t you rather sleep outside where doesn’t get freezing cold at night? And I love that Portland is so liberal. I wouldn’t call it liberal as much as I would progressive. Oregon was the first state to give a deposit back on bottles, so that people wouldn’t litter. And if you notice, there’s almost no litter anywhere in Portland because people there really care about the environment. Portland is weird only because it’s a sane place in a crazy world! It’s an awesome place! Except for the clouds. 🙃

  6. Was born and grew up there. Been gone a long, long time. How about updating this podcast with footage of downtown damage from the demos? Boarded up windows and such. Up to about 10 years ago we'd fly back and visit for a bit. Not any more.

  7. My ears and my brain dear god, wtf is wrong with this person's voice and speaking pattern… Can't you find someone with a proper voice that can speak normally.

  8. Wow.. the crazies from the political left have seriously taken that city and turn it upside down.. no different than the crazies from the political right.. they both share the same ideology: authoritarian ideals or corporate butt kissing…

  9. That tsunami was supposed to happen over 100 years ago. if it didn't happen then y sured it happen now?

  10. Remember the protests and riots of Portland, OR last year? The same situation happens in Seattle. As of this year, Portland (and Seattle) is improving better after the protests and riots.

  11. It seems like you don’t know anything about Portland Oregon literally u said sooo many things that are not true. I was born and raised here and it is literally sooooooo rainy. The schools are great.

  12. I drove through Portland Oregon a couple of days ago is a beautiful city but traffic is a nightmare 😫 wow..

  13. I went to Portland in 2020. Their seafood was good. However, it seemed to have as much homeless as LA and my family got stuck in our car surrounded by protesters.

  14. The Murder Rate has jumped over 500% in the last year!! Defund the Police has lost over 30% of their police force. Now they don't even arrest the criminals that riot and shoplift.

  15. "but getting mad on someone for eating meat when they have iron deficiency". I understand your point but it's really a bad example as there is loads of plant based foods which have a lot of iron from spinach, legumes to seeds and even grains like quinoa.

  16. The most peaceful city with the most gentle kind warm hearted people I have ever met traveling all the states. It's the closest you can get to feel sanity, the most balanced town, economically, socially, almost perfect mild weather, no mosquitos, no swamp, no hurricanes, super fresh crisp mountain air, and over the top family friendly … only lately the riots gave it a bad rap, but seriously, it got waaaay overinflated on the news… nothing never ever happens here besides occasional siting of ppl skinny dancing or milking their goats on the 10th floor balcony in downtown (yap, they fit right in between weird)… everyone gets along and fits in here just perfectly 🙂

  17. Seattle is better because it’s bigger and is a more normal city than Portland. Seattle has more professional sports teams, has more to do and has a better airport in terms of destinations served nonstop.

  18. I lived in Portland (actually Clackamas) for 9 months. It was great, though a tad dreary at times, since the sun almost never shined. Moss actually grows on parking lots there! And people push shopping carts home from the grocery store. My neighborhood was littered with shopping carts!

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