Top 3 Best Areas to Live in Portland Oregon [NEW RANKINGS]

Top 3 Best Areas to Live in Portland Oregon [NEW RANKINGS] – Our Top 3 Favorite Fastest Growing Portland Oregon Cities and suburbs HAVE CHANGED – thinking of moving to the Portland Metro and wondering where the perfect city is for you!

In this video we go deep in depth discussing our 3 favorite fastest growing Portland Oregon areas and cities which are Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Sherwood Oregon!

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  1. Lake Oswego is not β€œin the city”. Oswego Lake is private. There is a huge difference between desirable and #1 fastest growing and I don’t know where you would put a second home on a First Addition size lot. I don’t mean to sound rude but you guys seem a bit fixated on that town.

  2. Gentlemen…….As you said, "Lake" Oswego is a private lake. You can go boating, swim, fish, paddle board etc., IF you own a home on the lake front (expensive) or own property that has lake easement rights (also expensive.) It's their lake. Your statement at 2:15 "that anyone can go into the lake for the most part" is not quite accurate. You can't just drive over there and put in your boat and go water ski, or kayaking or whatever, unless you live on the lake or have those easement rights. You did not mention that the Lake Oswego Swim Park, which is a small cordoned off area of the lake and is located at 250 Ridgeway Road in L.O., is free and available to all residents of Lake Oswego. It's open everyday during the summer…….although not sure what's going to happen this summer.
    I realize you only have so much time to talk about the areas you are highlighting in your videos, but I wanted to clarify that point. Very informative video as usual. You two know your stuff.

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