TOP 5 Best Neighborhoods In Portland Oregon to Live in

This is the BEST video where we tour the TOP 5 Best Neighborhoods In Portland Oregon to live in! These are such incredible areas in Portland with so much to do! but we have narrowed it down to 5 incredible Portland Oregon Neighborhoods that you must check out if you are moving to Portland Oregon!

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  1. Seriously? No Irvington/Grant Park/Alameda-Laurelhurst neighborhoods on your list? They Are the best neighborhoods in the city! Canโ€™t believe you called yourself a PDX realtor!

  2. Great video! If you come across clients needing helping finding rentals in Portland, please send them our way!

  3. Hello Jackson. My husband and I are going to Portland in 3 months. I am looking for apartment or condo for rent. Looking for apartment in Tigard area. Is this good area and how far is it to southwest first ave?

  4. Some of these neighborhoods have bad crime rates (Pearl District). I wouldnโ€™t consider that as the best neighborhood.

  5. I live on Bybee Blvd.,myself!In the Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood!(Yes,it's a quirky,1923 tudor-style house!)Within 2 miles of EVERYTHING!Airport,Downtown's 15 minutes away,Clackamas Town center,tons of Restaurants,schools,the MAX,etc.

  6. One protester arrested was a convicted Rapist, protesters also tried to stop Gresham police from bringing in a serious sex offender from entering the jail. These protester are protecting these type of people. Fucking foul

  7. We live on the cusp between Laurelhurst, and Park Rose. I love living here as it is so central to everything!
    Also, the fact that the majority of neighborhoods are downtown. There is no way Iโ€™d ever live there, or in Moreland….ffs, nothing about those is desirable to me.

  8. Thank you! This is so useful and detailed. We are moving to Portland this week, and I found out a lot of interesting things in your video since we are looking to rent a place and choosing a good neighborhood for a family with kids. Best wishes to you and your channel!

  9. You couldn't pay me to live in a pig sty like this place. I have seen the worst of Portland and if this is the best you have to show, you are trying to sell a city that should be condemmed…..Nice try though……

  10. Love your drone footage! The best info on Portland homes and living! I just subscribed and I'm part of Karins group!

  11. Guys. Another awesome video. Again, thank you for putting these videos up. Really helps us learn about Portland/Vancouver.

  12. Looking to get a job at OHSU hospital soon and figuring out where to rent temporarily for up to a year. I am looking to buy a multifamily and get started on REI and hopefully I can make Portland my home. Any places I should avoid renting due to homelessness ,crimes, etc? Thanks in advance!

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