Travel Guide to Portland, Oregon l The Expeditioner

In this travel video tour of Portland, Oregon, I travel to Portland, one of the most unique cities in the United States.

I started my trip off by hopping off a plane and then immediately hopping onto a bus. But not just any bus, a bus operated by Brewvana Brewery Tours, the mostly women-run craft beer brewery tour company. Portland, or know as Beervana to some, is home to 55 breweries within its borders, and is truly a beer-lover’s paradise. On my tour we made stops at Rogue Ales & Spirits, Laurelwood Pubic House & Brewery, Widmer Brothers Brewery and Sidecar Bar, where I had the chance to sit down over a pint with the founder and owner of Brewvana, Ashley Rose Salvitti.

While in Portland, I stayed at the Tiny House Hotel, a hotel made up of, you guessed it, tiny houses. In the next portion of my video guide I give a tour of my “crib” to show what it’s like to live and stay in a tiny house.

Then, in an effort to get a chance to experience the famed brunch scene in Portland, I stopped in at The Tin Shed Garden Cafe, located down the street from where I was staying in the New Alberta Arts District.

In the interest of learning more about food, I headed to the downtown location of the Portland Farmers Market, located in a beautiful stretch of downtown Portland. Here, I got a tour of the grounds with Mona Johnson, then had the opportunity to meet up with some of the vendors, including Matt Choi of Choi’s Kimchi Company, and famed chef and artisanal pickle impresario, David Barber of Picklopolis and Bingo! Sandwiches.

In need of a little peace and serenity, I then visited the Lan Su Chinese Garden, a peaceful and beautiful oasis in an otherwise busy and hectic part of downtown.

When visiting Portland, there’s no reason to spend all your time in the city, especially with so much to do outside the city limits. The next day I took a road trip with local Matthew Domingo to explore the Columbia River Gorge and the numerous trails and waterfalls just off the road you can check out.

Then, to wrap things up, we stopped in at Hood River Organic near the riverside town of Hood River, an organic orchard and farm run by East Coast ex-pat Dan Thall, who gave us a tour of his land. Once the day ended we then headed out to happy hour at Solera Brewery in the imposing shadow of Mount Hood and then into town for a dinner featuring mushroom pizza with mushrooms Dan had grown and recently delivered to the restaurant.


  1. People post vacation pics in lunchroom at work (100+ employees) there's a picture of a guy in plain view at Portlands waterfront taking a crap.

  2. Didn’t really show much of Portland (restaurant and cycling culture relatively new to our city)
    Restaurants are in every city
    The gorge is over crowded with tourists….
    We do have good beer
    Not one mention of the Blazers? Hmmmmm.

  3. I’m taking my mom on a vacation to Portland in April . Is it gonna be cold? You guys are wearing jackets in June ?

  4. It’s hard not to fall under the spell of the Portland lifestyle my ass. Is it hard for you to not fall in love with homeless people everywhere every single street. Is it hard for you to not fall in love with shit on every street corner?

  5. Dont visit Portland! Portland use to be a great place…now it is full of useless riots of people beating on other people because of difference of opinions! The city allows these riots to go take place when they are not peaceful. People are in hoods with their faces covered; these gatherings do not promote peace. Take your vacation dollars elsewhere! Another big city going to the gutter to live! And people are living on the streets like California and Seattle. Where is the govenor and mayor…?

  6. And they want $185 a night for that crap, I say save $60 bucks and book a room at Hotel Eastlund its NOT A DUMP and you will have a nice soft bed, great amenities and view after hiking around Portland.

  7. U the infamous racist white hipster utopia.
    Black people weren’t aloud to live there legally till 2001 F Terds

  8. it is okay for you to come and visit , but if you want to move here …..don't . we don't want you .we don't need you. there is not enough housing , rent is ridiculously overpriced and homelessness is at an all-time high. so by all means come and visit our beautiful city .but if you try to move here just remember : we don't fucking want you…. we don't fucking need. you.❤️ Oregon

  9. Decent video and seems like a great city, but I gotta ask: is there anybody who isn’t Lilly white in that city? That literally looks like one of the least diverse cities you can find in this country. What gives?

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