Travel to Portland, Oregon & Boise, Idaho. What to do in Portland, Oregon VLOG tour. Where to live??

I’m trying to decide the best place to live. What do you think? Use the tabs below to navigate to parts of the cities that you are most interested in seeing! Lots of footage showing a mini driving tour of the cities.

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00:00 helllooo
00:38 Boise, Idaho
04:34 Arrive in Portland
06:09 Downtown, Beaverton, Winery day
07:51 Multnomah Falls, Historic Oregon 30 route
11:11 Tillamook Creamery, Cannon beach, north-west Portland
12:52 Forest Park, downtown surrounding areas
13:53 Final thoughts from my little time in Portland

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  1. Great tour! Sorry you hit Portland at the tail end of covid, Oregon has had one of the strictest lock downs and things haven't been too lively. But it's opening up fast now and getting back to normal.
    Re: gentrification, part of that comes from Oregon urban growth boundaries which were started in the 1970s to curtail sprawl. The rapid housing growth didn't really hit Portland until about 1990s, and these boundaries force growth back into the city rather than farms and forests. So recently we've seen inner city, lower income neighborhoods get gentrified as people seek close-in living near transit, downtown etc., and communities of color have been getting priced out.

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