UNBOXING OREGON: What It's Like Living in OREGON

Is everyone in Oregon a hippie?

Does Oregon have the prettiest coast in the country?

And is Portland really weird?

We’ll answer those questions and more! So put the umbrella away – cause Oregon natives don’t use those stupid things. We’re gonna unbox the state or Oregon! And I’m totally wearing skinny jeans right now. Like SO skinny jeans. I can barely move. But it’s awesome.

Wow. Look at this. The Oregon coastline. Such a pretty place. This rugged coastline might be the most stunningly beautiful stretch of coast in the entire country. It’s not always sunny here, but this coast is truly one of a kind. But of course, Oregon isn’t all pretty coastline. Actually, ecologically, Oregon is one of the most diverse states in the country. And depending on where you live, the PEOPLE are different too. To truly understand Oregon, we need to look at the entire state’s various regions, and understand what each area is like to live in.

This is Oregon. It’s a pretty big state – in size, it ranks 9th biggest in terms of square miles. There’s a lot of parts of the state that are very crowded, and many parts that are really isolated. Like over here. We’ll begin in Eastern Oregon.

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Homeless people
Cowboys hippies
It is such a big state and there is so much to see but there’s issues

There’s a lot of small towns where there’s folks who don’t want to be noticed
There’s a lot of Portland people who just want the world to notice

All the things they do in Portland is to be themselves but always
Others in the state are like can’t we just live our lives in solace?

It’s a state of drugs but there’s more to it than that
Oregon is complicated

Hipsters ranchers mountains beaches skiers vegans gays and freaks
There’s a different feel here just take a trip with me and see
Waterfalls and ocean cliffs and forests deep with lots of trees
Some wear wranglers some wear suits and then there’s those in skinny jeans

Homeless Eugene By Visitor7 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Hiking By Brian & Jaclyn Drum – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

Eastern Oregon

Pendleton Oregon

Madras Oregon



Southern Oregon

Oregon Coast

Driving I5

Oregon Drone


Homeless encampment


Portland protest

Portland map By Sean Kelly (User:Sean Kelly) – CC BY-SA 3.0,

East Portland

Portland rain

Ranching By WBRA Jen – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Hippies By © Jorge Royan / CC BY-SA 3.0,

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  1. Also somewhere in East Oregon, there is a small sleepy town called Antelope. Long ago an East Indian exiled guru named Rajneesh wanted to start his ' Buddhafield' cult commune city called Rajneeshpuram. Its followers brought the whole town and trying to take over the whole county of Lucas but lost. After Rajneesh was arrested by the feds for terrorism, to avoid prison the U.S. Government want him out and he did. As the commune died and its followers left. The Town of Antelope was back to the hands of the American families.

  2. Hi you are little harsh about Portland but again no, you are pretty right on I kinda liked your video,I'm here in Portland been here off and on been in Oregon since 3 months old Portland has gotten much worse! Sorry guys

  3. We just moved from CA to Hillsboro. I can say that the Mexican food here sucks horribly, no flavor! And people can't drive. Green means go, not think about it until the light changes. Still adjusting to the weather being Bi Polar, don't know if we will stay or not yet.

  4. Is it easy to find drugs with the new law? Like maybe I have a 70% chance of weed/kratom shops having drugs. All I gotta do is ask? And if I get caught i only have to pay a fine

  5. I love this commentary. The same issues are apparent in the Uk but to a lesser extent so far.
    Do we all need to suck up everyone’s hypocrisies and contradictions for the greater community benefit ? Well it’s never worked historically. At some point a strong authority will have to bash a few heads together perhaps. We had Henry the 8. He killed everyone around him who disagreed.
    I love the narrators accent he sounds as though he comes from the West Country in England. Is he a pirate 😊. He should come to the Uk he would be very popular.

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