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Today we are going to go around downtown Portland and explore some of the things that make the slogan “Keep Portland Weird” true. There will be new videos coming out that go over outside Portland and a full food tour.

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Portland is the 26th largest city in the United States and the 6th largest on the west coast. Portland is home to the professional sports teams the Portland Trailblazers and Portland Timbers. Portland has cool weather.

Must things to do in downtown Portland, besides VooDoo and Blue Star donuts, or the food trucks, are to go to Mill Ends park is a tiny urban park, consisting of one tree, located in the median strip of SW Naito Parkway. It is the smallest park in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, which first granted it this recognition in 1971.

Witch’s Castle is an old house located in the southernmost end of Portland’s Forest Park It’s an easy half-mile hike down to a riverbed to get to the Witch’s Castle from the Upper Macleay Parking lot near the Portland Audubon Society.

You can also go to Pittock Mansion which provides the best view of the city and Mt. Hood. The home belonged to old Oregian newspaper write and his wife.

Powell’s City of Books is famous for being the largest independent bookstore in the world! And of course it’s located in Portland!

Japanese Rose Garden which is what has been called “the best Japanese Gardens in the world outside Japan.” It cost $16.95 for adults.

You can go see St. John’s Bridge and Cathedral Park or the waterfront park.

The city is divided up into cool littler neighborhoods and some that are work checking out are Alberta St and Pearl District.

McMenamins Kennedy School is an old elementary school that has turned into a hotel that has a movie theater, pool, restaurants, and bars.

Something we didn’t get to do was checking out Sauvie Island but it looked cool!

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  1. Hey… where are all the Tents/Tarps and plywood I saw.
    I think the new slogan is "keep Portland DISGUSTING".
    sorry, not trolling, just had to tell the truth.

  2. I do not know when this was filmed, longer than two years ago for sure. It's a gost town. Kate Brown just released mask mandate July 1 and is talking another lockdown. If you want to see riots downtown is for you and yes every night.

  3. I have to visit second week of July for a few days. Hotel booked is downtown. I've seen other videos of homeless camps on side walks and the area is pretty dirty. We booked the hotel because of public transportation and walking distance to other things we want to see. I hope I don't regret it.

  4. This seems to be a very charming city, I hope I can visit sometime in the future when all this is over. Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much!

  5. I really liked the fact that you didn’t put any extra unnecessary info that might have drawn out the video. But, also, you still didn’t leave out the useful footage!

  6. Who in the right mind would visit Portland?? It’s adamn war zone and appears to be dead. No thanks… thumbs down

  7. I have friends that live near Portland, they never go downtown anymore, said crime the homeless and filth are worse than what you see on the news. I remember when Portland was a beautiful city fun to be in, now its just a third world S**T hole. Thank you democrats for destroying a once beautiful and vibrant city.

  8. Visit downtown and you will get to see a lovely assortment of tents. Walk around and you can enjoy dodging piles of human feces. And if you time it right, you can see dumpster fires, Molotov cocktails thrown, and local artist spray painting city hall and the court houses. Portland is a shit hole.

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to what was once my hometown. Many of us have had to leave the last few years, especially this past year. I wish you could of seen Portland when it was a clean and caring place to live.

  10. Good job hiding the homeless , riot damage and boarded up businesses along with antifa and the rest of the crazy far left anti Americans . You couldn't pay me to visit the dump.

  11. Very entertaining video you have here Jake Miller Does Travel! Impressive drone shots at 1:54, 4:47, and 5:47! Thank you so much for all your effort to share with us your flight and your great work! I hope more drone pilots will see this work and get inspired to share their flights too here on Youtube. I am personally looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work.

  12. Great editing!Very pretty, Friend! Loved the video of the hotel. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Surf and Turf Travel

  13. Wonderful , thoughtful and the charming presentation of yours is really praiseworthy . Well explained yet precise . Cool music . God bless you my dear friend . love .❤️❤️

  14. Definitely there are some cool and unique things to do since someone is there!!! Well builded content always Jake! Congratulations ❤️😊👏

  15. Was in Portland beginning of May. Really a mess now. Car Windows were broken and everything stolen. Best advice is to stay clear of Portland unless your there to protest.

  16. LOVE Portland! Didn’t know about the witch’s castle. That’s awesome! Unfortunate about the graffiti, but at the same time it does have its own beauty… and actually, kinda perfectly fits the Portland vibe. Great video!!!

  17. I used to live in Portland.. many things I miss.. I hadn’t heard about that mansion, I love visiting homes like that. I have fond memories of the rose garden and Japanese garden!!

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