1. Jon Dette is a monster. He filled in for Anthrax and Slayer same day 2014ish?? Not sue when exactly but hes amazing.

  2. Too bad they're touring w/ ghost🙄 & "twin temple",,,-Way ta spread tha word of s atan,,,🙄😒 Jesus,-late 80's much? & just what we need in this day n age,-more negative energy calling,,,-idiots. Campy,-obvious,-w/ some laamea@$ feminism talk thrown in,,,🙄🤣🙄😒

  3. I got to watch them Carolina Rebellion 2017 they played better than anyone there they even did better than A7X. Volbeat is my favorite for sure

  4. This was a blast, what a fun night. I was on the other side to the right of the stage 🤘👊

  5. I loved them! they sounded just like the recording live, I just wished the people would’ve been more hyped :/ other than that they did amazing and so worth it

  6. If I hadn't known that Jon Larsen was out with COVID, I would have not known he was missing. Great job filling in last minute like this! Can't wait for Feb 11 in Mass!

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