What Downtown Portland Looks Like in 2021 (Part 1): Driving Around

Downtown Portland in January 2021, after 9 months of protests and social unrests, let’s see what it looks like right now, make your own judgement…

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  1. they should really reduce the driving lanes on those streets and add more trees, they don't look very welcoming to pedestrians and bikes. 3 lanes in one direction is way too many for a downtown!

  2. Good y’all got what the majority of your state accepts. Phoenix has a lot of homeless we should ship them up there to Portland. Looks like they are more than welcome.

  3. this is a damn shame, i was there in 94 on business and it was such a neat city, my mum and i even considered a move up there, dang
    they need to elect a new govt

  4. The residents of Portland have no one to blame but themselves, Why do I say this? Because you voted into office the people who allowed this to take place….Please look back at your Mayors response to just before all the riots and looting started " We are going to have the summer of love " you defund the Police Dept. you decriminalize drug usage, you hand out free drug paraphernalia, you refuse to enforce the law. Now, your Police officers have chosen to retire, businesses have closed and moved away so you are left with a understaffed Police Dept. and your tax revenue has been reduced. The Governor and Mayor refused help to stop what was going on. A change in leadership maybe your last hope, IF, it's not to late already. To watch such a beautiful place be allowed to be turn into what it has become is shameful…..Open your eye's to what went wrong.

  5. Other than some boards on the windows it doesn't look any different to me than it did when I visited the city for a few days in spring 2019. Is this really what all the fuss is about. Did people just mentally block out the signs of the homelessness crisis until they could give it a different narrative?

  6. As usual, the only reason someone is putting up these videos, is because they want you to LIKE them or even subscribe, and the people that do that , YOU are idiots and still have NOT figured out that the person that is putting this on utube does NOT care about the truth!! I am 65 and I have lived in Portland for the last 30 years and have lived in the PNW my entire life. In any large city there are areas that look run down, portland is NOT immune to that, and also whenever you take a video in the winter, with no leaves on the trees, and rain on the pavement, cloudy sky, it LOOKS bad, but this person is trying to say it looks like this because of the social unrest, THAT IS A LIE. It looks like this because of the area of town and that it is in winter. THATS ALL!! If you come to this same area , and its July and there is sunshine, white fat clouds in the sky, birds singing, trees with leaves moving in the wind you would get a whole new perspective, even in this run down part of town, So dont believe this about portland, it is a great town and there are great people here, YES it is a politically liberal town, and allows people to show what they care about, and that is what makes it great to me, if you are a conservative, you will NOT like Portland, but if you have any intellect at all, you should have checked to see that out, before you would come to an area like this, its just like i would NEVER live in conservative Wyoming. Look at all the comments from the right wingers "portland is a war zone" thats bullshit, it might be what you want portland to be, but iTS NOT THE TRUTH.

  7. They need to emulate SF and LA – have a homeless budget of $500M – $1B annually. It has evidently solved THEIR homeless problem!

  8. This is super fucking third world. Indonesia and the Philippines should donate used corrugated metal now that former shanty dwellers are starting to move into apartments. Would be a massive improvement over these sad canvas tents; you could slice these things open with kitchen knives!

  9. Seems like downtown Detroit and Portland have switched places. Detroit went through something similar in the late 70’s and 80’s but now Detroit’s downtown is very nice and clean(although some of the inner city neighborhoods have a long way to go). Downtown L.A. looks similar to Portland now. Very sad to see.

  10. It looks like the kind of place where you can squat and take a 💩 wherever you want. How comfortable and luxurious is that?!

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