What Downtown Portland Looks Like in 2021 (Part 3): Blue Tarps Freeway and Blazing Landfill

Downtown Portland in February 2021, let’s see if anything has changed or improved since part 2 was released in March. Or if Portland’s downtown will return to prosperity with the re-opening of the state.

This video also take you to the freeways around Portland to witness and homeless camps and landfill like trash problems.

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  1. I have lived in the Portland Metro area for over 20 years, and I won't go into downtown anymore.. the mayor is a wimp, and until we get real, this will be the new norm…Shame on Portland's lack of leadership.

  2. I got off the plane at the airport,rented a car,and was greeted by the sight of encampments. I now live in Florida.

  3. I lived in Portland for over 25 yrs,Its so sad to see it in that condition now! To bad theirs not a way you could help that puppy 🙁

  4. I thought they were all about the environment … Sure saving the planet here. I am just…. That is not the Portland i lived in and back in 2005 to 2007….

  5. Self defense – if someone is trying to permanently blind you with a green laser before doing potentially anything to you, are you allowed to defend yourself? Are the police/military allowed to treat these people as terrorists and enemies of the State?
    Marxists 3 Patriots 0…

  6. Lmao!
    “We’re supposed to have local governments taking care of the people”
    Again LMAO!
    Not laughing at you sir, just at the thought of Portland’s politicians doing anything productive!

  7. If Venice Beach,CA can be cleaned up, certainly this can be cleaned also. Residents cannot solve this! This is up to city officials!

  8. This is what civilizational decay looks like. Mogadishu, Khartoum and Kabul are better than this place.

    Question: do you have a rough estimate of the number of homeless in Portland? 1,000……..5,000……….10,000……………..30,000………..50,000?

  9. Funny, I saw on I=84 Eastbound, around 33rd exit, there is a sign saying fine is up to 6,500 if one litters. I wonder how many tickets were issued per this law/ordinance? City of PDX will never have budget problem anymore. Just apply existing law/ordinance to these litter bugs, we will solve budgetary issues.
    Remember this when you vote next election: all handy works of dems./wheeler.
    (PDX resident x 46 years.)

  10. This will not get better until you STOP voting for Democrats.. I live n a safe city run by Republicans.. Wake the hell up before this city becomes Detroit. I do not feel sorry for you people that live here. You get what you VOTR for.

  11. Ted Wheeler fucked up BIG TIME when he decriminalized hard drugs use, and made Police cuts.
    I know of people moving to Portland who are drug addicts because they don't have to worry about shooting dope on the street.

  12. The citizens must have no problem with the state of their city; if they didn’t, they’d do something about it. Keep it weird, isn’t that their motto?

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