1. I would really like a follow-up video exactly one year later. To see how it changed since the news have moved on.

  2. To those leaving places like NYC, California, Portland, Seattle…please don't come and NYC, California, Portland, nor Seattle my Texas!! All this destruction here done by useful idiots is a damn shame and a distraction from what is really happening in the US

  3. Don’t know why Youtube pop this to me. I used to live in Portland downtown area for a year in 2010. And I can’t stop tears in my eyes when I am watching this video……

  4. This was 10 months ago. Yall should see it now. I don't go there and sadly my town is looking similar to this. 🙁 it sucks. I hate it and I never voted for this. But it's what we have. Luckily the next one in office should be better cause she can't run again.

  5. There ya go BLM fuck up everything and tear down jobs then next they gonna be complaining because there ain't no jobs like tf

  6. I bet you miss the past five years, those days are gone and you can blame whoever you want, Trump had nothing to do with it, each state is governed by its own members voted there for a reason. And whoever said you can just move, well that is just ignorant. People can’t just move? Either do something about it or let the community suffer in an unsafe and violent community. I have family who lives there, they can’t even go to work in their office. This is no longer the United States of America. Thank you for the factual purpose of the video, some of us get its intent.

  7. Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler created this mess and are so selfish they can’t seem to admit they ruined Portland.

  8. Good video and quite sad really. Always wanted to visit Oregon. Been to Washington State which was a great experience.

  9. Super sad. I live here & know many people who are moving out. It’s not safe and it feels so depressed. Also, businesses that would be coming here are choosing not to. I think Portland will become just like Detroit if this continues.

  10. Was passing through last August. Those stupid protests Asking to defund the police. They got what they wanted a whole bunch retired others quit mass exodus. What they forgot is that the police are also there for safety. And what happened to George Floyd had nothing to do with Portland anyways. Those officers have nothing to do with what happened. Not to mention the fact that George Floyd not only resisted arrest more than once! He was very intoxicated he was paying with counterfeit money. It was an instant arrest. Because of the DUI he was sitting in the front seat drunk. His autopsy report showed a massive amount of fentanyl in his system! So the people who protested against the police are now going holy crap literally shit in the street dead bodies in the street

  11. Lol its beautiful! Haha what a stinking dump.
    Gotta love the Democrats. They sure know how to run a city.

  12. Omg they spray painted the concrete dividers how horrible. Don’t believe everything you see. This video is cherry picking and making it seem like all of Portland is a homeless camp. It’s not the case. Homelessness is a major problem for the west coast but videos like this and painting a city as on the verge of collapse don’t help anything. Peace. Love your neighbors.

  13. All that rioting, looting, and for what? Just to used like pawns and rewarded with a broken city. Good. These same people will likely question the next hype group that tries what blm n the rest did.

  14. After reading some of the comments, I don't think everyone understands that this started way before the summer of 2020. It didn't happen overnight. Maybe research should be done before you assume when it all started.

  15. If Portland was a beautiful city that attracted wholesome families to go live in, it's no longer that. Now it's Los Angeles 2.0. With all the horrible Californian post-modern trends that make something that used to resemble a town/city uninhabitable and overpopulated. It's like witnessing a beautiful forest transformed into a festering puss-dripping ulcer. Portland only has beautiful 20th century architecture in it's residential neighborhoods because Western people's made it so. Portland only has hospitals and schools because Western people's made it so. But now in 2021, Portland is almost entirely filled with those who do not appreciate Western civilization's contributions. Almost to the degree where they openly celebrate the usurped host culture as it's overrun and defiled by the gang-culture and pop-culture bullcrap sent here by California's bottomless pit of desecration.

  16. Remember the public restrooms in McDonald's in the seventies and eighties especially in Chicago !
    My library had a bathroom that looked like this !
    I am kind of surprised no
    (For a good blow job call )

  17. Isn't that terrifying for you? To see how the city or the area has changed where you lived, where you grew up. Many Germans and Europeans dream of emigrating to the US. To be honest … I live in Northern Germany, about 2.5 km from the North Sea. NOBODY will EVER get me to the States. What I see in the videos is enough for me. The worst thing I find is your "Freedom of Speech". You Americans insist on your RIGHT to offend other people ???? Sorry, this is not my dream country …

  18. The sad part is that people will continue to vote the same way and expect a different result. You get what you tolerate. How’s that working for you Portland?

  19. The citizens of Portland are cowardly scum. All of you, some won't do anything, some participate, the rest bury their heads. You get what you deserve.

  20. Maybe the people should get off their butts and actually do something like clean up the litter and graffitti. Make it look nice and clean up often.

  21. I'm really glad that you didn't make any political comment on your video.
    What I see is a city that speaks of the frustration, anger and devastation of its inhabitants .

  22. This is what democratic governance looks like…I live here and it's far worse than this video shows. Human shit piles and drug needles in the streets, most places smell like urin…it's bad.

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