What DOWNTOWN PORTLAND OREGON Looks Like Today | Walking Portland

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I decided to drive to Portland, Oregon, 3 hours south of Seattle, to do some relaxing, eating and walking. I walked from Pearl District to Old Town, to the Saturday Market by the Willamette River, to Downtown Portland and back to Pearl District.

Portland is currently in Phase 1 of Covid-19 Stay Home Order. Some businesses are boarded up – most likely due to fear of looting and vandalism from protests. This is Portland on Saturday June 27, 2020.


  1. With rent rising so quickly, is it any wonder the place is trashed? The stench and garbage is terrible. I moved away in 99. Been back a few times for a short visit. It used to be an incredible city. Fond memories.

  2. Its obvious where Portland is going to end up. Complete collapse. I'm.not getting why a city that was once, such a beautiful together city. Has been allowed to become a filthy mess. Filled with mobs of. homeless, druggies, protests and riots. Street after street of boarded up windows. Why do residents tolerate it, and why does the state allow the city govt to allow this. Now this week if things are not bad enough. A sicko in his car intentionally drives on the sidewalk. He kills an elderly woman and injures a number of others. I think the city govt and culture of Portland need to be investigated.

  3. I am comfortable knowing nothing on this planet will ever convince me to visit that leftist shit hole. Kind of sad, as some of the people there seem petrified of their own city's inability to control its population.

  4. Shocking how many buildings are boarded up.. where are all the tough guys Antifa.. they know very well after assassinating a law abiding unarmed citizens they are now being targeted.. like the cowards they are,, they are all back in their parents basement..All those teachers that are members of Antifa can start looking for a new career now.. you will not be teaching in school.. you were part of a group that murdered in Portland…But Lao Ocean should come back at night..and see what Portland is really like..

  5. I am disappointed that the whole city hasn't burned down by now. I was promised carnage. Maybe next week, when BLM publicly reveals they are communist rebels.

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