What is it Like Living in Portland Oregon NOW After… You Know!

Whats it Like Living in Portland Oregon NOW in 2021 – are you thinking of moving to or relocating to portland oregon and wondering what is it like to live in portland oregon now?

From the local politics to COVID-19 to the weather this video goes in depth to talk all about what its like to live in Portland oregon now!

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  1. I sold my place in the Inner South East in 2018 after the "White Fragility" billboards were thrown up all over the place. I couldn't take the white guilt thing anymore. Portland is an experiment in absence of government.

  2. Portland Oregon the mental case capital of the world. Everyone who lives here has serious mental problems.

  3. Please Stop Lying about Portland. It is a crime infested city tethering on 3rd world status. Your talking about mountains and beer not the piles of needles and homeless cities. Portland is a scumbag rathole. It makes Oregon look like a horrible state. I live here. Best advice, stay as far away from Portland as possible. Life in a small town that doesn’t encourage it’s locals to loot and pillage “peacefully!” Stop the platitudes, the Entire Police Riot squad just resigned and your talking like it’s Disney.

  4. Oh please be honest, PDX is NOT A GOOD PLACE…this man is trying to sell you over-priced real estate for a slice of the commission.

  5. This city isn't going anywhere. But I guarantee you'll buy by house for 300% more than it's worth. Dumb ass realtor!

  6. I’ve lived here for 29 years. Please sir don’t lie. This place is gross. And it’s the epicenter of hell. Please don’t sugarcoat.

  7. Portland was a good place to be a kid back in the day . Spent childhood in Portland could ride a bicycle all over and be safe. Now its a real shithole reminds me of Chicago dirty and BIG crime.

  8. You couldn't pay me 6 figures to live in Portland or even Washington state. To many druggies and liberals. Trash city

  9. My belief in the world is you see what you want to see. You wanna see good you get good. You wanna see bad you get bad.

  10. I've been living in Vancouver since 1994. Portland has changed overnight. It's not safe to go downtown during the daytime without getting accosted.

  11. Now that the city cops have had enough the criminal influx will be massive – unless there isn't anything left to steal and vandalize. Oh well, there's always smack and meth to deal.

  12. To say it’s only downtown is not true. As a long time resident I’ve definitely seen the negative effects in North Portland and in Southeast as of recently. It’s very disturbing in my opinion.

  13. Our life story is so similar to yours, in terms of the places we’ve had the pleasure of living in. We are from Houston, TX but have resided in Yuma, AZ, Lewiston, ID and now Fairview, OR. I still don’t have a good understanding of the neighborhoods here. There’s lots of “pockets” if ya know what I mean. And as you know, the prices are insane in comparison to other parts of the nation. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around what I can get here vs. what that same amount of money can get us in TX. Where do you prefer living? I can’t decide if I want to plant roots here or move back to Arizona or Texas. One thing the PNW has like no other are the scenic landscapes and gorgeous weather! I do enjoy that part of this lifestyle very much so 😊

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