What to Do in Portland, Oregon | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

Portland, Oregon’s largest little city, is a bastion of creative living, excellent food, happy inebriation and devotion to the great outdoors.

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When you are traveling to Portland, Oregon here are some things you can do to pass the time. From outdoor activities to the best places to eat.

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What to Do in Portland, Oregon | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times


  1. A toast. To Portland. "Dumptown, U.S.A". Now competing with San Francisco as one of the filthiest, smelliest, and most corrupt and crime ridden cities in the U.S. You socialists really know how to create paradise.

  2. Welcome to Portland Oregon where Antifa runs roughshod over the city and corrupt city and state officials let them do whatever they want

  3. If Portland was a beautiful city that attracted wholesome families to go live in, it's no longer that. Now it's Los Angeles 2.0. With all the horrible Californian post-modern trends that make something that used to resemble a town/city uninhabitable and overpopulated. It's like witnessing a beautiful forest transformed into a festering puss-dripping ulcer. Portland only has beautiful 20th century architecture in it's residential neighborhoods because Western people's made it so. Portland only has hospitals and schools because Western people's made it so. But now in 2021, Portland is almost entirely filled with those who do not appreciate Western civilization's contributions. Almost to the degree where they openly celebrate the usurped host culture as it's overrun and defiled by the gang-culture and pop-culture bullcrap sent here by California's bottomless pit of desecration.

  4. I'm 17, lived here all my life so I don't really know anything different. But the main good thing about Portland is the nature. After living here, I don't think I could be happy in a place that isn't foggy, rainy, and filled with greenery but also close to a city. I saw in this one article that Portland is supposedly one of the "best cities in the world for biking" and if that's true, that's just sad because it simply isn't safe to bike anywhere in the city with all the cars – it's only good for leisure biking on paths outside the main city.
    And keep in mind that if you want to live in the affluent West Hills or Forest Park neighborhood, you are far too high up and far away to easily get to the city by bike, and public transport is infrequent.
    It isn't safe to walk in the city at night if you don't know your way around because you never know who you'll run into

  5. It has become a drug invested area with the downtown area full of nightly riots……..no place for a family vacation with unfunded police dept. which may or may not show up if you need them…………..dangerous!

  6. Some of the funnest things to do in Portland is to dodge riots (Portland has a very long history); go downtown and see how many human turds you can avoid stepping on; count the number of homeless tents; count how many people shoot up drugs in broad daylight; count how many bums urinate on a store front; count how many ambulances respond to an overdose.

  7. Lots of glass and spray paint to clean up. Very ugly. Antifa run city. Not safe look up portland in 2020.

  8. Didn’t understand what “Keep Portland Weird” meant until the guy removed his wig made out of chocolate.

  9. Portland has a nearly continuous riot that you can attend either day or night and you can take sides between BLM and law enforcement. You can bring your own riot gear or simply stand around and some will be thrown at you or you can pick some off the ground.

  10. from watching how Portland wants to be a Marxist town, I would suggest that there would be no reason any US citizen would want to go to Portland at all. It would be like going to Red China

  11. With all the looting and violations by anarchists in Portland, I wouldn’t visit that city until the local police are back in charge. Portland’s government is out o& control. They’ve lost it to the radicals.

  12. Why everbody bashing about Portland? I was there as a tourist from Switzerland and I found it beautiful, of course there were homeless, but you have that in Zurich too…

  13. Typical NYT video – a gentifried, sanitized view of a few trendy restaurants in the city with no mention of the strip clubs (which is like half the reason I moved back…)

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