What’s Actually Happening in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has bore witness to some of the longest and most destructive demonstrations in the nation over the past year. The right-wing media would have you believe Portland is a dystopian Hell-hole overrun by anarchists, lawlessness, violence, and vandalism. On his recent trip to Oregon, Ali stayed in downtown Portland and got the scoop from people who actually live and work there to get the truth about what is actually happening in their community.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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What’s Actually Happening in Portland, Oregon


  1. African Americans is not a proper term here in 2021 unless they are illegals. If their family has lived here in the USA for generations then what you are calling black or white African Americans are by their real definitions should be called Americans!

  2. Portland,OR. appears to be a Religious Cult Town. I have been Gang-Stalked here for No Less than 5 years-Every Moment of Every Day. I have been documenting what is being done to me. I am strong&I will get thru this. And I will have a documentary about How It Feels to be Gang-Stalked in Portland,OR. before I am done.

  3. i lived there for six years, and as a black man, i can tell you without hesitation that the relationship i had with police wasn't just "strained," it was actively trying to destroy my life. i would be dead or in jail right now if i had stayed there, for nothing more than trying to go to work and return home safely every day. never again will i set foot out there.

  4. It isn't a protest when they set fires, loot, break windows that is a riot. I am all for protests. I am against riots.

  5. If the little Leftist cry babies in Portland want to burn their own city down, and then cry about no tourism, fine. Let them.

  6. I live in Portland, and its not protest its straight riots and Antifa, just go dt portland and see yourself its sickening…

  7. A bunch of BLM marxists and antifa communists are looting and burning the city to the ground. that's what is happening in Portland.

  8. Absolutely, people sitting on the side lines we’re taking advantage of the situation. I talked with a young kid that said he raided the apple store because he could.

  9. A fantastic city dealing with national and global crisis. Immensely proud of my city, reports of its demise are vastly over sensationalized.

  10. Mostly peaceful looting riots and fires.
    I will suggest that anyone who reads this.. watch How to be a tyrant… on NetFlx
    compare past history to present

  11. Quit trying to sugarcoat it, it's Democrat leadership. And don't blame the police, that's a cop out.

  12. I live downtown, and the city of Portland has cleaned up more in the last couple weeks than I thought would happen in the next few years, to be honest. Still a long way to go, but it's looking encouraging.

  13. Why would someone want to drop their life savings and invest in a business front in downtown Portland, only to get it destroyed bc of a “most peaceful protest” or a homeless encampment in front? Hope Portland figures it out.

  14. Once a week I have to go through Marine Drive and past the old Concordia Throwing Fields. It's now 2 miles of nothing but trailers, tents, garbage, abandoned cars. It looks like a 3rd world country

  15. I'm a native portlander and went to grade school there with black children we had no problem getting along it's. Who you are not your color god bless portland

  16. Do we have to hit people over the head to SEE all over the USA anywhere Democrats are in charge it’s crime , homelessness and poverty! GET A CLUE

  17. This is a propaganda piece, especially when it comes to the downtown area. It is dangerous, and the city finds every possible way to rob you for revenue so for someone who works you can look at all the homeless being treated better than you and wonder why you’re even trying to be productive in the first place. Shootings, car break ins or just straight up being stolen, heroin needles all over the place. Sometimes I can’t even get into my own apartment without having to step over people nodding off in front of the doorway, and can’t visit an atm without being harassed. It was nice at first, but now I can’t wait for this lease to end to get away from Portland.

  18. haha Nazi Trolls from Idaho — Portland used to be so cool… before a zillion from NY and LA moved here. It's OVER. 😆

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