Where are the Black People in Portland, Oregon?

I visited Portland to help my sister move and got to learn about the Black population + gentrification in Portland!

Check out the pages of the awesome business owners I met in Portland!

Arrogant Cosmetics:

Just Hair Beauty:

Kiss The Chef Catering:

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  1. Thank you for this video. My little sis just got a job offer in the Portland area and is considering moving across country. If anyone wants to network let me know!!

  2. I worked in Oregon years ago. Being from Atlanta it was a shock to me to say the least.. lol For the couple months I spent there the people were pretty nice and welcoming

  3. Well, the problem is that you are trying to differentiate between black and non-black people.
    People don't care what color is your skin if you behave properly, respectful to other people, don't smoke weed, and other stuff.
    From this video, I understand that black people are much more racist than white…

  4. Why not go force black people to live there? Go around to every other city in the USA and tell at least one family they MUST move to, and live in Portland, Oregon because you do not feel enough black people are living there. Go on. Best get going! You have a LOT of cities to visit and randomly force black people to move from so your Portland, Oregon black resident quota is met.

  5. they are everywhere.. this is why the city is in bad shape…….. do the math…. ,, look atatlanta, illinois, baltimore , portland,,,seatle are all in bad shape,,, we dont need more exemple,,, the problem is clear

  6. It really don't matter to me what color you are. I have friends and speak to people of all race. I feel people that are uncomfortable around another race has not been exposed to diversity. When I had my kids it was important for me to put them in a diverse school. So they could be comfortable around all people.. Real world is made up of many race cultures and personalities. Racism is in EVERY state. Including ATL. I refuse to be afraid of a place I want to visit bc it's all white or all blk. Its also important to know your history, know your surroundings bc its gd to be informative

  7. Finally a video on this I am planning to move here n I am visiting and I can literally count how many black people I saw 😭 felt a little uncomfortable so now feel better thank you

  8. I can agree with literally everything u said I’m actually moving to Oregon in 3 days I’m black from Jersey I hope I find y’all LOL!

  9. There were large black communities back during WWII because of ship building. Their neighborhoods faced eminent domain from Democrat city planners.

  10. Hahaha I visit my family in Oregon I'm in Maryland rn but I'm probably the only Mexican italian american there too probably there's barley any Mexican food or good italian food which sucks XD

  11. Thank you so much for this video. As a nb person, I was worried about moving to Portland (will be moving in the fall) and I wanted to do my research before going there. I know all about the whiteness of Oregon, but I hesitated when I realized that when I think of Portland, I don't think of BIPOC. What we see on the news is different from what might really be there. I started wondering, despite the Black Lives Matter movement in Portland, if Black people even feel safe there. This video was so helpful. I want to give to the Black community, cherish the diversity Black people and other BIPOC bring to every place, and to my new possible home. I will be doing research on the people and businesses you mentioned as well as educating myself on the Northeast gentrification story. So glad to see the beautiful glimpse of the Black community in your video. This vid made me want to move there and donate my $$$ to the Black businesses to support. Awesome vid, well said and definitely needed.

  12. I moved from south Carolina to Eugene and… that was an experience in cultural shock.

    By the time I made it to Portland and actually saw two black people, I almost cried. 😂

    I left then visited my brother a few years later and noticed that other black people left the city. He mentioned gentrification… that most people moved to the suburbs, especially Gresham and the WA border.

  13. Uncomfortably white?.. This is why if white people were honest they would admit they don't like being around blacks because of your attitudes. Imagine if this was reversed! This is racist as f**

  14. Here is a little Oregon history so that you can understand why Oregon is so white and uninviting to Black people specifically.

    Aside from what is talked about in this lecture remember, Indigenous People were also killed, relocated, sent to boarding schools, etc. Asian People, Chinese People in particular, had a hell of a time, too.

    White people here, just like in the rest of N. America collectively did a whole lot of harm to ….well, everybody else.

    Here's the story, though. Watch this and think about how ironic it is that Portland was so active over the summer. Pretty wild.

    Watch "Why Aren't There More Black People In Oregon A Hidden History presented by Walidah Imarisha" on YouTube

  15. That is mainly where they are, Gresham and Milwaukie as well. Its ignorant to think its just some white town.
    Get outta here with that absolute nonsense. YOU are not helping anything by making such an ignorant video.

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