Where to Live in Portland Oregon When Moving to Portland Oregon [2021]

Where to Live in Portland Oregon When Moving to Portland Oregon [2021] – Are you moving to or relocating to portland oregon and wondering where the best area to live in portland oregon is for you and or your family?

In this video we go through all of Portland oregon and discuss all the different styles of living that there is in Portland. from beaverton oregon to northeast and southeast portland down to lake oswego oregon all areas are explained and this will be your moving to portland oregon guide!

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  1. You nailed Lake Oswego. Itโ€™s just that nice. People love to hate it because it is affluent. But itโ€™s really safe, the Lake is fantastic.

  2. Thanks Jackson I keep coming back to your channel despite the razzle music. You guys are working for my business.

  3. 44 year Portland Native! ' CROSS THE STREET ' The best of the Portland Hip Hop Culture TAP IN

  4. Great video! We are family of 4 with 2 girls 1 and 4. We followed bunch of your videos. We like lake oswego, west lynn, bethany, cedar mills, and happy valley. It's all over the map so I guess it really depends on where my wife finds her job. She works in healthcare. She doesn't like long commute… We'll watch more videos to try to understand portland metro better. Keep up the good work!

  5. I moved to Tigard 6 months ago and I really like it!! I work in Tualatin and even that area looks nice. In my travels Milwaukie has beautiful scenery and certain areas remind me of Jersey( my home state)..Oregon is already growing on me LOL

  6. I'm surprised at the lack of mention of Lents. The improvement of that neighborhood over the last just 5 years is astounding and it's easily the most diverse section of Portland.

  7. First and foremost, if you are coming from California keep heading on up to Seattle. And If you do insist on stopping here maybe donโ€™t bring the same short sighted ideals that got you to the point of needing California.

    Edit: And just to show how bad things up here are, one of your realtors in the add sold meth to people in high school. Tell them about what happened to Ryan, Adam? And where brad Bolton is now? We had the same circle of people I can back this up with photos

  8. I would love to hear about Sherwood. Thanks for the great information on what the neighborhoods are like!

  9. which are the safest areas with independent shops, ability to rent a small house, and beautiful trees?

  10. Portland seems amazing (besides the downtown situation right now). My question is, for all you long-time Portlanders, how do you deal with the weather? I love the sun, but I hate the vibe and aesthetic of most sunny places. Portland seems perfect other than like 7 months of clouds.

  11. Great video! I've been visiting Portland for well over 10 years and the city has had my heart. I've dreamed of moving there from my home in Los Angeles (I know, I know. Me and everyone else), but I genuinely want to be here as I feel more aligned with the city. Alberta has always been special to me and I was happy to see you mention it in the video! With remote work becoming more and more of a permanent thing, I might have to consider making the move soon.

  12. Portland right now looks like a shit pot to live in. Watching lunatic protesters taunt the police and burn shit, real desirable place I would want to live in ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜

  13. Gentrification has harmed so many POC communities. You should not be using it as a positive thing.

  14. I'm old now, been disabled all my life. I lived 'n had a small yet successful professional firm in Portland, Oregon until 2005. In 2005, anyone with a 10th grade education could see: Portland was heading for an irreversible & terrible decline and the "Good ole boy" corrupt government was the cause ….I moved a long way away. Portland was thee most beautiful & wonderful city I've visited or stayed in my world travels …In the past 15 years, it's become an unsafe & dangerous city for disabled and elderly while government authorizes & agencies are too lazy to do their jobs. Government throughout most of Oregon, blames society while they sit 'n scratch their butts doing nothing. Local & state DA's shuffle papers, hide and/or loose over 8,000 criminal cases of elder crimes while the elderly are being abused & exploited. Far wonder the place is a mess. Rome burns while Oregon's & Portland's government crumbles. PLUS …anyone who speaks the truth is destroyed. If your from California, you'll fit right in with Portland, Oregon's society.

  15. Best place to live is a tent โ›บ๏ธ anywhere in Portland. You can do as many drugs as you like and it cost nothing. Plus the liberals leave you alone until you poop in there yard.

  16. What part of Portland do u recommend for someone that don't have a lot of money? I'm buying a Bike for commuting around the city

  17. I'm debating between Portland and Seattle. San Francisco will be too expensive. I'm trying to live comfortably

  18. I watch you exclusively now after a year of watching a plethora of creators for my upcoming move to Portland. You're amazingly detailed, informative and engaging

  19. Hello, my wife and I are considering moving within the next year. We love the Lake Oswego area, though I doubt we could afford it. Any similar neighborhood alternatives that you know of?

  20. Hi everyone๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿพ!! My family and I are moving there in July and weโ€™re so excited. My husband will be working off North Basin Ave, what are youโ€™re recommendations?

  21. Why would anyone want to live or have a business in Portland? The city is in chaos all the time. The city literally burned nightly over the summer.

  22. Thank you for shedding such a positive light on Portland! I've lived here most of my life and after as much traveling as I have been able to do, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

  23. I love your video. As a Portland native and long time CA resident who has recently moved back, can I give you one piece of advice? When you say "Portland Metro" it's much more native to say "Portland Metro Area" instead ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Love all your videos. We are listing our home next week. Our favorite area is the South Waterfront. Can hardly wait to get there!

  25. So grateful I found your channel! Planning a move to Portland and this is exactly the content I was looking for. (I'm an artsy weirdo 30 something with no kids if you have any advice!)

  26. Don't forget to mention the extensive transit system with something like 80 miles of light rail lines and bus service to almost every area nearby portland, including Vancouver, WA. I can get on a bus in SE portland and be at work in West Hillsboro in about 1 hour and 40 minutes. It's around a 32 mile trip.

  27. The only thing about Portland/Vancouver metro area that makes me want to move is everthing is so old school. It's like 10 years behind the rest of country.

  28. Hope to moving to Portland in April or May for 3 years. Need to be near Legacy Hospital. 2br apt or condo.

  29. Looking to move to Oregon in the next 6 months. This video helped understand more. Iโ€™m going to visit in a couple weeks to check it all out!

  30. Canโ€™t believe you didnโ€™t even mention Sellwood ! Such a nice area and family friendly. And beautiful East and West Moreland, beautiful homes.

  31. I live in rose city park and itโ€™s awesome. One issue with the eastside are the schools. The schools themselves are fine but the boundaries for those schools are very strange. I live less than mile from a high school but the high school my address is assigned to is at a different high school like 2.5 miles away however right now due to renovations itโ€™s more than 5 miles away

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