Why Are People Moving to Portland Oregon? [7 TOP Reasons]

Why Are People Moving to Portland Oregon? [7 TOP Reasons]. Are you thinking of moving to Portland Oregon and wondering if it’s worth it? In this video, we discuss the top reasons why people are relocating to Portland Oregon and what it’s like living in Portland Oregon in 2022.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Jobs
3:30 Food
6:36 Culture
10:28 Weather
12:03 Natural Beauty
12:49 Housing Costs
15:18 Outdoor Sports
18:06 Bonus and Outro


  1. I was born here and have lived here most of my 70+ years. I have traveled but never seen anywhere else I would want to live. The city has problems just like every other big city but the people and the mass amount of things to do make it enjoyable. The house prices are outrageous and property taxes are high but there is NO sales tax so that offsets the property taxes a little. I have thought about selling my house and moving a lot farther outside the metro area but I would have to buy in this market and not sure I want to do that. Over all I am and have always been in love with Portland.

  2. My son moved there in Jan. 2021 and loves it. Hubby and I are pondering renting a small apartment near him to see if we'd ultimately like to live there permanently. I know there are issues the city has to fix, but I LOVE being there. He lives in Slabtown/Nob Hill, which is where I'd like to be.

  3. Love Portland. Just hoping the houseless/gun violence issue can be addressed in a meaningful way soon. I think once those two (major) issues improve Portland will go back to being an almost idyllic place again. Love the neighborhoods, the food, the friendliness, the natural beauty and the fact that it is a welcoming place in a time when right wing hate and bigotry are on the rise. That means something, and I hope Portland never loses its commitment to being an inclusive place.

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