WTF Happened to Portland Oregon?… Homelessness and Drug Addicts Are Taking Over the City

First time visiting Portland Oregon and I was immediately aware of infestation of homeless people squatting all over the city, as well as the overwhelming number of drug addicts roaming the streets. Definitely a sad sight for such a unique and interesting city.

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  1. Good to see to video catch a little bit of traction since last night! I honestly enjoy engaging with y'all on here, so don't be shy haha. Here's a video that I recently posted of a walk around I did on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, so you can compare some of the struggles of the two cities.

  2. You can thank the Governor Kurt Brown and Mayor Tutti Wheeler! Both evil as the day as long! Look for MR E video on the Governor if you want to know what's going on! Pure evil, both have sold their souls probably in in Jr high school!

  3. I lived in Seattle(North gate) in 92-93, it was very clean, friendly people, and a ton of stuff to do, with no worries on safety. Now I watch videos, of Seattle, and Portland- they both shithole- you get what you vote for. Truth

  4. When you walked over the burnside bridge and those calls you heard were their way of “communicating”. I grew up next to some kids that did that.

  5. The people of Oregon voted for an idiot mayor of Portland and an idiot governor and an idiot legislature who enables his homeless derelicts who refused normalcy.

  6. This is what happens when you decide to decriminalize every drug. You get every drug addicts moving in. They basically welcomed them in.

  7. People are paid to spread crap.on TV that causes wrong influence and these people can't be helped cause not enough paid influence..

  8. Wheeler happened, He has destroyed the city with no apologies , luckily he has the likes of Hardesty, and Kafouri who do not give a rat's behind. Add a lame governor, and voila' .

  9. Sympathy? No. This a direct result of our society. It's just sad that the havens have to bear the burden everyone else casts out.

  10. This makes me so sad. We used to take day tips to Portland, just to hang out. I loved it! I would not go there right now. Please clean it up.

  11. What happened to Portland? Chinese infiltration/indoctrination of the Liberal democrat leadership and the youth. The voters have become completely oblivious to the fact that they are playing into a foreign agenda that is designed to impoverish and destroy their communities as well as themselves personally.

  12. 20-30 years ago downtown Portland generally felt clean and safe, with interesting galleries, food, and shops. Younger generations will never know that Portland.

  13. Lol at people that say there’s no jobs. There are plenty of jobs. Those crackheads just love handouts. Stay safe bro. And don’t go back to Portland. If it were up to me I would get rid of this bums one way or another meaning by violence

  14. Oh Portland. I can’t believe I gave you a year of my life. Rainy winters for 8 damn months and bums all over. Not to mention the dumbass justice warriors without any motive just destruction.

  15. Thank you Kate Brown, Ted Wheeler, Joann Hardesty, and Michael Schmidt for turning Portland into a shit hole!

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