You Know You Lived In Portland Oregon If.. [LOCAL SECRETS]

So you’re thinking of moving to Portland, Oregon? but you want to know what the people are like?

You know you’re not from Portland Oregon if you don’t know these local secrets. If you want to learn more about this incredible city and what’s like to live here, you are in the right place. We talk to a local, born and raised in Portland Oregon, and get some of the tips that makes you a local. So enjoy the views of Lake Oswego and have some laughs with us in this light hearted video.

Our channel is dedicated to giving our viewers a real-world view and feel of what it’s like to walk the streets and know the people of this great city. There are so many amazing neighborhoods to explore in Portland, our goal is to help be your guide to finding the right one for you. If you need help finding a home give me a call. I’m a local real estate agent that moved here from out of state just like you, so I know what it’s like and the questions you probably have. We help people every day relocating to our city, so reach out for any questions!

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